Hazel: A Witches' Lifestyle Zine

Created by Lucy Kagan

Hazel: A Witches' Lifestyle Zine was created by Lucy Kagan, and after the first issue, all subsequent issues are a collaboration between multiple talented creators of many gender expressions, sexualities, races, and ethnicities. Our witchcraft believes in creating power where people have been told there is none. Hazel V: Spirit is the final issue in the Hazel series, featuring writing, comics, illustration, and DIYs on the theme of Spirit. We imagine a young witch in training sitting down on her off day in a cafe with this zine to catch up on the latest in the magical world. How to work with sourdough spirits, what kind of witchy music gets you energized, a healing meditation on a walk in the woods, and stories of reaching out to long distance friends through astral projection are just some of the works that fill this zine with homespun magic.